Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bowling with Little Kids

Took the kids bowling
today and yesterday. My son Sennah got a strike with his first ever
bowling shot!!!! He also beat all of us his first game ever and
I`m actually not a bad bowler for someone who doesn`t play
so often. It was ten pin, large ball bowling so tough for the kids
to play, but Sennah scored 106 to my 103! Even Shanaya finished
with 98! She got a strike on her last ball then followed with a
bonus spare!

I kicked butt in the second game though! I got 100. I think
Sennah and Shanaya`s arms had tired out by then. The trick
to beating up on little kids in bowling is to put your money on the
second and third games. The first game is too tough as they are
still fresh.

I think I made over 10,000 yen by betting on the second and third